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"Humanizing Space"

What makes a favorable architectural approach is the consideration of important natural and human aspects that involve the particular site.

This implies in the specific context to encounter with the spatial totality and meaning also the memory.

Especially when treating locations with destructive natural disasters we have to aim for a “humanizing space”. What is understood with a humanizing space is the human perception and experience of the surrounding space, the consciousness of the real “here and now” making reference to the past.

It is very much about seeking the sensation of the space “a special feeling” about this particular space that make the visitor and dweller meet with sentimentality the past and hope for the future.

The attitude must be to shape the environment with wisdom and imagination, analyzing as an architect the man’s orientation in the world, the need, in the distinct reality.

In the dimension of human existence and scale, a product of immediate sensations and a memory of the past experience, creating casual relations.

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