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Maru Plaza Bu Cheon

The wooden plaza in Bu Cheon is the planning and schematic design project

by Professor Kim Young Sub which has been recently awarded as one of the best public realm spaces.

The wooden square has been built during the year of 2012 and since then contributed significantly to a positive public environment of the city.

In this urban context of Bu Cheon different programs coexist as the pedestrian stream, bicycles, the taxi stop and the usual traffic nearby the main train and subway station, -food and other small business kiosks, street lighting, trees and the shaded surface make the space very inviting, safe and comfortable.

The material of the decking of the plaza : Ipe (Tabebuia) naturally resists wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, marine borers and virtually every other threat imaginable. This Brazilian species is one of the most stable of all the durable timbers. It dries extremely well with little checking, twisting, or bow. It is widely recognized for its strength and natural resistance to decay.

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