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In Memoriam: Music Donation to Korea National University of Arts in Seoul

Yesterday, on the 30th of August 2016 Prof. Kim Young-Sub was acknowledged

at the Korea National University of Arts for his tremendous music donation to the school.

The donation consists of more than 12000 Vinyl records and a whole equipment of a super high end tube audio amplifier system with dividing speaker systems.

The donation will be placed at the Korea National University of Arts in the commemorative space:

Kim Na Yeon Hall / Rosa Music Hall.

Being an audio and music enthusiast Prof. Kim Young-Sub released in 2007 a book

"A heritage of audio" published by Hangilsa, with all his detailed knowledge of audio systems.

He spoke several times on the radio Broadcast KBS and MBC sharing his knowledge and opinion.

One of the program was named "My classical music room" -"Wandering through the western music history", where he talked about his background on behalf of his musical passion.

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